School Age Summer Day Camp (Kindy-13yrs)


Are you ready for camp this summer!?! We are!!!

How old does my child need to be to participate in the School Age Summer Day Camp?

Campers must have completed Kindergarten by the first day of camp to register in the School Age Summer Day Camp. Have a younger camper (aged 3-5 and potty trained) who wants to come to camp? We have trailed our School Age camp down for a perfect fit for our youngest campers. Please visit out Preschool Camp page for more information.

Summer Camp at Happy Acres Ranch offers your child an unique opportunity to experience what summer camp should be without having to leave the city. Our outdoor program gives campers a rare opportunity to be involved in traditional camp experiences and enjoy a natural relaxed setting. All activities are on site. We provide a wide variety of activities for our campers including:

  • Swimming
  • Ecology / Nature
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Weekly Special Events
  • Basketball
  • Fishing
  • Archery
  • Relay Races
  • Leadership Training
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Horseback Riding*
  • Tutoring*
  • Swimming, Kayaking, Arts and Crafts, and Archery Lessons*

*extra charge

Our operating hours are 6:15 am to 6:00 pm. Our facility closes at 6 pm. The Camp program operates from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. All lessons are from 3:00-4:00 pm. Resident Campers check in Sunday evening and out Friday afternoon. Campers are divided into groups of approximately 15 by age and gender. Playground supervision is provided before 8:30 am and after 4:00 pm at no additional charge. Campers may enroll for one week or all summer. Hot, nutritious meals and snacks are included with the weekly tuition or campers have the option to bring their own.

The Summer Camp program is divided into 10 weeks, with each week having a different theme. Each week has special events and new activities. All campers are eligible to take in any horseback riding program (additional charge).  Interested to see what your camper will be doing throughout each day? Each group follows their own set schedule during the day. All groups will swim 2x per day (50 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes after lunch). All groups also have a special activity multiple times per week. The special activities are Art, Archery, Outdoor Ed and Nature and the groups will rotate through these activities every week


Schedule, Schedules, and more Schedules

What will my child be doing all day?

When and where will my child swim? 

What Activity will my child go to each day? 


 Specialized Activities

Outdoor Education (instructor led)

Our outdoor education program provides hands-on learning about the natural world, outdoor activities, and environmental stewardship. A different theme is emphasized each week, along with the seven principles of Leave No Trace (outdoor ethics). Every day, campers explore 10 acres of suburbia zoned rural, which includes a tidal creek, a spring-fed lake, and a hardwood swamp. Through games, group study, and self-directed investigation, campers learn about nature and their role in taking care of the environment. Our program encourages the development of communication skills, leadership skills, tolerance, and the value of diversity. Subjects we study include trees and plants, birds, insects, the elements, estuary ecosystems, food cycles, recycling and stewardship, tent camping, and hiking safety.

Arts and Crafts (instructor led)

Archery (instructor led)

Nature (counselor led)

Athletics (counselor led)

Lessons, Lessons, and more Lessons 

Horse Back Riding Lessons

If your camper is only participating in the full day/week Horsemanship Camp, please visit the“Horsemanship Camp” page for information.

All Campers who are interested in horseback riding may enroll in one to four lessons per week at an additional charge. Please see our “Horsemanship Camp” page for more information.

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Swimming, Kayaking, Arts and Crafts, and Archery Lessons

Does your camper have an activity at camp that they just cannot get enough of? Is it Archery, Arts and Craft, Kayaking or Swimming? If it is, then they are in luck because we offer all four as small group lessons every afternoon? $10 for swimming or arts and crafts lessons or $15 for archery or kayaking lessons. Lessons are 1 hour and happen after camp ends from 3-4 pm. Makeups for weather cancellations are scheduled for the following morning from 8-9 am.Scheduling for all lessons are first come first serve.

Reading and Math Tutoring

We all love the camp is a wonderful break from school. Lazy summer days sometimes spiced up with a little mud.  However, do you feel your child needs a little refresher over the summer so they are kept on track for the fall? Want a friendly certified  teacher who teaches in the same relaxed manner that we offer camp? Do want to drive you camper to tutoring after a long day at camp? Then sign up for private tutoring lessons with Ms. Kimberly Cobb for K-5 Math or Reading Tutoring. Contact her directly to schedule sessions.  Tutoring can be scheduled around the other activities of the day including swim times, horse back riding, or swimming and archery lessons. All private lessons are $40. Ms. Cobb is a long time friend of Happy Acres Ranch and  a teacher at Bridegprep Academy.

Stay the Night at Camp!

Friday Night Fun at Camp!

Stay and hang out with us at camp every Friday night (Weeks 1-9). Enjoy dinner, swimming, games, and fun until 9 pm for $20 per camper (limit 15). Why not stay overnight and pick them up Saturday morning by 9 am for $30 per camper?  All overnight campers will be offered breakfast before they leave in the morning. Due to the limited number of campers allowed each Friday, we are unable to offer sibling discounts on Friday nights.

Looks good right? We think so but what are the questions we haven’t answer the you should be asking?

Do you background check your staff? Yes, every staff member (including volunteers) are level 2 background checked through the State of Florida before they begin working with campers.

Do you offer training to staff? Yes, all staff are required to attend a minimum of 24 hours worth of camp specific training before each summer (this includes returning staff). Year round staff must all complete the 40 hour DCF training within 1 year of employment. Preschool teachers are also required to have an additional 40 hours worth of job specific training each year.

Do you have insurance? Yes, we have property, liability, auto, and student accident insurance for all campers.

Are you regularly checked by any outside agencies? Happy Acres Ranch is. We are regularly, and without notice, inspected by the Department of Children and FamiliesThe Childcare Food ProgramEarly Learning CoalitionAmerican Camp Association, and APPLE.

 Are you accredited and what does that really mean? Happy Acres Ranch is. Our camps are accredited through the American Camp Association and the Preschool through APPLE. It means following their rules and standards at all times. It means we are doing “best practices” which is over and above state standards. An accredited camp puts a lot of time and money into accreditation. We spent over $2,000 in annual dues alone this year!

Where do you get your International Staff? Happy Acres Ranch has a phenomenal international staff. We hand select (meaning our director flies to London each February to personally interview the counselors)  our counselors from the hundreds of candidates. We find our counselors through Camp America, who has been doing this whole international counselor program thing for about as long as we have (60+ years). All international staff has the same background check our American counselors have plus one in their home county. The come on a 6 month J-1 visa for cultural exchange. They are as eager to find out about how Americans live as the campers are to find out how life runs in their country.


How do I sign up?

Interested in signing up? New families may email to get the process started. All new families are required to tour before requesting an enrollment form. Returning families should email to request an enrollment form.

Did you know all families are required to check off on the enrollment form that they have read and understand the Summer Camp Parent Handbook? Click to read the ins and outs of our camp policies in the 2018 Happy Acres Ranch Parent Handbook!