Summer Resident Camp (suspended registration)

Due to issues with the City of Jacksonville and continual delays in the permitting, and now zoning, process for our cabins, we are suspending registration for Summer Resident Camp until further notice. This is a program we have longed to add to our day camp to better serve our families and we are heartbroken.

Love the Happy Acres Ranch experience during the day and want to stay all week? Now you can! This summer will be our 2nd summer as both a Day and Resident Camp.

Did you know all families are required to check off on the enrollment form that they have read and understand the Summer Camp Parent Handbook? Click to read the ins and outs of our camp policies in the Happy Acres Ranch Summer Camp Parent Handbook!

What weeks can my child stay?

Resident Camp is open all 10 weeks of the summer.

Where will my child sleep?


Who will stay with my child at night?

2 or 3 international staff of the same gender will stay in the cabin with the resident campers and accompany them during evening activities. Also, the Camp Director and Property Manager live on the property and the Assistant Camp Director lives in the Lake House next to the cabins.

What will my child do during the day?

Resident campers will be assigned a day camp group based on their age, maturity, and gender. Resident campers will rise at 7:00 am and report to the dining hall by 7:45 for breakfast. Day camp begins at 8:30 am.

What will they be doing after the Day Camp ends?

At 5:45 each evening, resident campers will return to their cabin for group time. They will discuss the events of the day and plan their evening. The schedule is up to the campers (with counselor help). They can chose between, swimming, horse back riding, archery, night hike in the woods, gagaball, arts and crafts, and much more. Dinner is served in the dining hall at 6:30. Activities run Sessions 1 ~ 7:15-8:00 and Session 2 ~ 8:00-8:45. There are 2 counselors so there are 2 activities for the campers to chose from each sessions. All campers return to the cabin at 9:00 for showers, evening prep, and story time. Lights out at 10:00 pm.

This is only year 2. Do you have experience with overnight camping?


While we may have only officially offered Resident Camp for one full summer, we do have lots of experience with overnights. Camping at HAR has been happening for over 50 years. In the past couple years, we dramatically increased the number of days we offered overnights. Since the summer of 2014, we offered overnights in tents every Friday during camp. In the fall of 2015, we started overnights the 2nd Friday of every month. For Spring Break 2016, we purchased bunk beds and converted the Lake House into a bunk house. After that point, we also offered overnight for all school holidays (when the next day wasn’t a school day). Needless to say, we have lots of experience with overnights.

But 5 straight nights is alot different from a single night. Are you prepared?

True, the transition from one night to five is alot.  While nothing but actually hosting Resident Camp will truly prepare counselors for the experience, training helps immensely! The Camp Director and the Assistant Camp Director are consistently attending conferences and taking courses to gain more of the needed information. We then past this along to the counselors who stay with the campers. The counselors receive dedicated Resident Camp training, in-addition to Day Camp training. Training covers homesickness, the importance of bed time procedures, one-on-one discussions with campers, and more.



How much does a week cost?

Resident camp runs $300 per week. Registration fee is $50 for the 1st camper, $25 for each additional camper within the same family (same registration fee covers all summer including day camp). All resident camp fees are due with your enrollment form to keep your space in the cabin. All day camp activities, plus meals and evening activities are included with this price. Camp Store is an additional $5 per week (most campers participate in Camp Store). Private Archery and Swimming lessons are offered at $25 per hour. Small group lessons are $10 for swimming and $15 for Archery. Horse Back Riding has various pricing options. All lessons are small group (no more than 5 campers). Reading or Math private tutoring lessons are $40.


Ready to sign up? New families may email Big Red at to get the process started. All new families are required to tour before requesting an enrollment form. Returning families should email Big Red at to request an enrollment form. Attending both day and resident camp this summer? No need to fill out different forms. Just select the weeks you are attending as a day camper or resident camper.