Preschool Horses

All of our preschoolers ride horses twice a week. VPK rides once a week since they lots to do and lots to learn before going off to Kindergarten.

About our horses ~ We have two horses that live at Happy Acres Ranch all year.  Reno is a blonde 9 year old Arabian.  He is wonderful at giving pony rides as well as beautiful to look at.  Bella is a 8 year old Arabian mare with a lot of personality.  She’s very sweet and enjoys the children.  They are specifically trained to be around children and are wonderful at their job.  Once your child is older, or if you have older children who are interested in horseback riding, we offer two horseback riding programs during the summer, Introduction to Horses and Horsemanship camp.  Our after school program offers horseback riding at no additional cost.

How it works ~  We have a specific area just for pony rides.  When the class comes to the barn the children are asked to sit on a log.   They are taught the correct way to mount and dismount a horse.  Yes, we are already grooming them to be horsemen and horsewomen.  The horse is lead by Mrs Sandra, our Equestrian Professional. The first teacher puts a helmet on the child then assists them on the horse.  The second teacher walks beside the horse while the child rides.  This is to reassure the child and for safety reasons as well.  Each child rides around the circle then returns to the first teacher to dismount.  The process then begins again with the next child.

What to bring ~ Nothing!  We provide everything necessary including the safety helmets made specifically for horse back riding.

Fees ~ None!  Pony rides are included with the regular week tuition rates.


Smokey giving a ride to a preschool child.

The sitting logs and mounting table.

The Barn.