Management Team


Mary Anne Adams, MS

HAR Staff for 16 yrs. / HAR preschooler for 5 yrs. / HAR Camper for 10 summers / HAR Counselor for 9 summers


Assistant / Program Director

Delrosa Lentz, BA

HAR Staff for 29 yrs. / Shooting Stars Lead Teacher for 4 yrs. / Summer Camp Art Director for 3 summers / Program Director for 21 yrs. / Director for 1 yr.

Preschool Director

Colleen Regan-O’Hara, C.D.A.

HAR Staff for 5 yrs. / Book Worms Assistant Teacher for 1 yr. / Book Worms Lead Teacher for 2 yrs. / Infant-Toddler Supervisor for 1 yr. / 1 yr. as Assistant Director


Program Director / Camp Director

Katie Vatter, M.Ed.

HAR Staff for 3 yrs. / HAR preschooler for 5 yrs. / HAR Camper for 10 yrs. / Jaguars Summer Camp Counselor for 5 summers / Summer Camp Lifeguard for 1 summer

Assistant Camp Director / Director of Equine Activities

Sandra Brewer ~ Horse Back Riding Instructor ~

HAR Staff for 6 yrs / Horse Back Programs Experience  for 6 yrs. / Director of Equine Activities for 6 yrs. / Assistant Camp Director for 1 yr.

Most of our teachers hold either a CDA, AA or BA and are fully trained on the curriculum. All instructional staff receive 30 + hours of in-service training each year and participate in the coaching program through the Jacksonville Children’s Commission. All staff and volunteers are fully background screened and have met all DCF Licensing requirements. Our staff turnover rate is extremely low. Most of our staff have over 10 years experience.

Horseback riding is taught by our Parelli trained instructor. The WSI and Lifeguards are certified by Red Cross. All year round staff hold CPR and First Aid training. Camp Staff receive 24 hours of specialized training.

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