Leadership Camp

This summer, we will hold the 3rd annual Leadership Camp at Happy Acres Ranch. This unique program is designed for campers coming out of 5th grade through age 13. They will have a completely different schedule than the rest of the camp but they will still participate in special camp wide activities. They will learn what being a leader means, how to be an effective leader and what kind of leader they are. In addition, they will have the daily opportunity to practices what they have learned. The will teach younger campers new games and assist in camp wide activities.  Their day will be filled with many opportunities to be a leader within their group. Part of their day will be focused on learning life skills such as cooking, fire building, maintenance and repair. Another part of their day will center around team building activities. This may also include building the apparatus for the activities. The Leadership Camp will follow the same summer camp calendar at the rest of the camp and will be offered all 10 weeks of summer.

Leadership Camp Activities

Leadership skills, team building, teaching, fire building, cooking, sewing, building a tree house, basic car and home maintenance and simple repairs,  nature education, basic lifesaving skills, boating safety and many more!

The campers in this group will be referred to as Leaders in Training or L.I.Ts. They do most of their activities separately but will have the opportunity to mix groups. For example, one day the Boys might be learning to build a fire and the Girls will be teaching an art lesson.  If a Boy would like to teach and a Girl would like to build a fire, they can switch between the groups. This will not be the case on all activities as we like for the groups to stay together to build group cohesiveness.

Each day, the L.I.T’s schedule will vary slightly during the morning. They essentially have a long blocks of time to work on their activities. Some activities will take that long and others will be shorter.  They have two regularly scheduled swim time in the morning and in the afternoon . This gives them time to do their swim lessons, free play, boating and to learn basic life saving and boating skills.

The L.I.T.s also given the opportunity to teach a new activity each day. This summer, we will feature a new activity / game that corresponds to the day’s theme. The L.I.T.s will have a chance to play/ learn this activity at any point during the day. Should they chose, they may teach our younger groups the activity during the day. They also have the option to participate in the art activity.