Horsemanship Camp

Happy Acres Ranch takes pride in our Horsemanship program.  The same horses and ponies return to camp each summer.  They are known for their dependability, suitability and calm manners.   This program focuses on teaching safety on and around horses as well as advancing each camper’s horse knowledge.   Each rider will advance in their individual horse knowledge and riding abilities.  We want our riders to become the best horsemen and horsewomen they can be.

Our equestrian staff have the skills to teach beginners with little to no experience through advanced riders who compete at a showing level.  We currently offer two programs.  Riders in both programs ride everyday and spend one hour at the stables for a hands-on horsemanship lecture.  The first program, Introduction to Horses, is designed for beginners.  This program is for campers who are new to horses or have little experience and who have, at minimum, completed Kindergarten. The all day program, Horsemanship Camp, is for intermediate to advanced riders looking to improve their horsemanship skills.  This program is designed for riders who already have knowledge and experience. There is no minimum age for this program but all riders who are interested in this program must prove their skills to the horse back riding instructor before signing up. The age of the campers who do the best in this program have completed 3rd grade and higher.

New to Riding?

New riders have 2 options for getting into the sport. If you camper wants to learn everything about horses (tacking, grooming, feeding, and riding), sign them up for our Horsemanship program. They will spend 1 full week (7:30-5:30 daily) at the barn learning all about horses plus they will spend at least 40 minutes on horse back. If your camper is interested in just riding, sign them up for a 1 hour lesson on the afternoon  (between 3-4 pm). You may sign up for as many days/lessons as your camper would like.

What to bring every day for riding?

*all items are optional for intro or lessons only but required for Horsemanship campers.

Boots with a 1 inch heel (tall or paddock style)

Pants / Jeans

Helmet (approved horseback riding helmet)